About the Special Collections

Established in 2006, the Special Collections initially housed materials related to the subjects taught by the Institute. Over the past years, the collection has focused more on Australian culinary history and culture, building its strength in collecting materials such as books, newspapers, journals, manuscripts, personal collections and artefacts. Our rare culinary collections offer all staff, students and visitors to the Institute the opportunity to explore and connect with archival material. The collections provide unique research opportunities and cultural value to the community.

Our Collections Strengths

  • Pre 1900 cookbooks, both Australian and English materials
  • 1900-1960 Australian cookbooks
  • Pre 1900 – 1940 community cookbooks and advertising materials
  • Unique and rare ephemera, e.g. menus, personal recipe cards
  • Vintage culinary artefacts
  • Materials related to William Angliss Institute

List of Special Collections