The Library has three multi-function devices (MFD) available to you which can print, scan and photocopy.


  • can be configured for A4 or A3 size
  • print/copy in either B&W or colour
  • can staple or hole-punch your documents
  • default to double-sided when printing is selected. If you don’t want double-sided you need to select 1-sided print from printer properties
  • your student ID card is used to operate the MFDs
  • scanning is free

Adding value to your student account to print and copy

  • Go to:
  • Log on with your student number and password
  • Add value in $1.00 amounts to your printing account via your credit, bank or EFTPOS card
  • Log off

Any value left on your student card will be deleted 6 months after your enrolment ends. The Library is unable to issue refunds for unused credit.

Printing/Copying costs

Paper sizeColour modeSingle sidedDouble sided
A4 Black and white 15 cents per page 20 cents per page (10 cents per side)
A4 Colour 60 cents per page $1.00per page (50 cents per side)
A3 Black and white 25 cents per page 40 cents per page (20 cents per side)
A3 Colour $1.20 per page $2.00 per page ($1.00 per side)