The library, on the ground level of Building C, is accessible to all current Institute students and staff as well as external visitors.
The library features physical and electronic resources, professional staff, computers, printers and study spaces, all designed to offer assistance and provide an environment conducive to learning and study.

The library is divided into three spaces.


General space & Quiet zone / After-hours space

The library’s physical collections – books, journals and DVDs - are in the front half of the space. The back half of the library has been established as a quiet zone suited to individual study. Before 9am and after 5pm, this area becomes our after-hours space, with access available via the sliding door adjacent to the Building B lift on ground level. To see the full range of hours, click HERE


Study rooms / Media Pod

Group work is encouraged and catered for in four study rooms. There are two large rooms which can accommodate 6-8 people and two smaller rooms which ideally cater for 2-3 people. All study rooms have whiteboards, and the two larger rooms have LCD screens with VGA and Audio (Analogue) cables and HDMI (Digital) Cables for laptop input. Study rooms can be booked via the MyPC booking software or by scanning the QR code attached to each room.


Special Collections Research Room

Located within the library, the Special Collections Research Room houses older and rare collections focusing on Australian culinary history and culture. These collections offer students, staff and visitors a unique opportunity to connect with significant archival material. For more information, click HERE