Exhibitions & Projects

Past Exhibition : Migrants and Australian Cuisine

Modern Australian cuisine has been strongly influenced by the palettes of migrants to the country. For more than two hundred years, the influx of immigrants from Eastern Europe, Aisa and the Middle East has brought a vast range of new flavours. Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Lebanese, French, African and Greek cuisine have become strong influences on Australian tastes and the major cities have a wide choice of restaurants. Australian chefs are renowned worldwide for their fusion cuisine, combining traditional European cooking with Asian flavours.


Preservation & Digitisation Project: Frans Sundstrom International Menus Collection C1900-1930

The scrapbook containing over 1000 menus was donated in 2012 by David Hall, a previous member of the WAI teaching staff. The menus are glued onto acidic pages which have become very discoloured, spotted brittle and weak. The book pages are highly acidic and chemically unstable.

The book pages which number over 500 make up a very thick volume and as a result of the weight and stresses on the binding, it has become broken and not usable.
The primary purpose of the preservation project is to extend the life of the menus and make them accessible to the public both physically and digitally.
The outcomes are professionally preserved menus and a webpage featuring the digital format menus accessible to the public.

Past Exhibition Video