Oral History Project

William Angliss Institute was formerly known as William Angliss Foods Trade School. For over 75 years, the Institution has been a dedicated training provider to the foods, tourism and hospitality industries delivering a range of courses nationally and internationally. The William Angliss Oral History Project was commissioned to mark its wonderful contribution to Australia's cultural, social, culinary and tourism history.


The aim of this ongoing project is to locate and record interviews with former students, teachers, and staff of William Angliss Institute (WAI). Their stories will be added to WAI’s culinary archive and an oral history website will be the public face of the project. Interviews and excerpts of interviews will be available on this website.


Much of the history of WAI has not been documented. The recorded interviews will become part of the Learning Resource Centre's Special Collections, which already has an extensive collection of over 6000 rare items. The Oral History project will bring life to this collection. Oral history is built around people; the stories of past students and staff with public profiles and the ‘unknown’ majority will be part of this history.

Listen to our Oral Histories online

    Alan Stebbing        Maurice-BW  
   Beth-BW        Peter-BW  
   Eva-BW        RayE-BW  
   Darlyl-BW        Richard-BW  
   Graham-BW        Ron-BW  
   John BW        Steven-BW  
   Iance-BW        Win-BW  
   Eric-BW        RayWay BW  
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