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Food Studies Online provides researchers with rich archival content, visual ephemera, monographs, and videos that explore how food shapes the world around us. Food studies is a relatively new field of study, but its importance is felt in many major disciplines. It has social, historical, economic, cultural, religious, and political implications that reach far beyond what is consumed at the dinner table.

This exciting collection aids researchers in answering such questions as, “What are the environmental and social consequences of various sorts of eating habits?”,  “What is a food system?”, and “How is culinary culture shaped by the dynamics of colonialism, immigration, urbanization, and global capitalism?”

Examples of topics covered in the collection: Organic Farming/Small Farms, School lunch programs, Childhood nutrition, Marketing and advertising, Packaging, Food industry, Environmental impact of GMOs, US food programs during WWI/WWII, Food security, Famine, Vegetarianism, Labour practices, Food safety, Wine making, Obesity, Gender roles through history, Food habits around the world and more. Please click on the link below to access the collection

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