Print or photocopy

 WAI students and staff

Your William Angliss student or staff card gives you access to photocopying and printing facilities.

Visitors and CAVAL users

You will need to add value to a rechargeable card which can be borrowed from the LRC enquiry desk.

Adding value to your card

The LRC has a vending machine to allow students to add money to their student cards to pay for printing, photocopy, pay library fines and purchase stationery items. The machine accepts notes, all coins (excluding 5 cent pieces) and eftpos. Please note: the machine will not give change and there are no refunds for any unused credit, so please ensure you have used all money on cards before you finish your course.

Any value left on your student card will be deleted 6 months after your enrolment ends.


Location of student printers (MFDs) and Print Kiosk

The LRC has 3 Multi- Functional devices (MFDs), all of which will print in colour or black and white.

All MFDs can print, photocopy, scan documents to email, double side print, staple & hole punch documents.

You can scan and save PDFs directly to a USB; or print TIFF, JPEG or PDFs from a USB . A student card with monied value on it is still required to print.

Location of vending machine

The vending machine is located behind the LRC enquiry desk to the front left in the passageway.


Cost of Printing   

Single   sided

Double   sided


Black   and white

15  cents per page

20 cents per page
( 10  cents per side)



60  cents per page

$1.00 per page
( 50  cents per side)


Black   and white

25  cents per page

40 cents per page
( 20  cents per side)



$1.20  cents per page

$2.00 per page
( $1.00  cents per side)


How to print

  1. Select Print from the File menu of the software you are using
  2. Choose either the black and white printer or colour printer and then select within print options if you require single or double-sided printing
  3. Choose A3 or A4 paper size only. Do not select 'legal', or any other size
  4. Click on the Print or OK button
  5. Your printing is sent to a queue at all printers in the LRC. You can release your print job from any printer
  6. Swipe your student card through the small reader attached to the printer. Alternatively, you can sign into the print management software by entering your student number and password
  7. A list of your available print jobs will display on the printer monitor
  8. Select the files you want to print, and then click Print


LRC Opening Hours

LRC Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
9.00AM – 5.00PM



7.30am - 9.00am
5.00pm - 9.00pm

7.30am – 5.00pm








mail  e-mail: lrc@angliss.edu.au 

phone  phone: (03) 96062237