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To ensure all students have fair access to the computers, the LRC manages students' usage with the MyPC booking system. MyPC is available via the student desktop and the LRC homepage. MyPC is currently available on campus only.

Click HERE to book a computer

            LRC Computer Zoning

The LRC is zoned between:

  • Bay 1 is a bank of 30 minute walk-up PCs allowing for quick turnaround usage
  • Bay 2 is a bank of 60 minute walk-up PCs allowing for quick turnaround usage
  • The remaining banks of computers are available for 2 hour use with another 1 hour extension possible if the PC is not booked by someone else

When booking a computer, the following guidelines apply:

  • PCs may be booked for up to 7 days in advance for a 2 hour session
  • If you need more time once you have used your 2 booked hours for the day, you can use any PC that doesn't have a current booking
  • You can make 2 bookings per day
  • Your booking will be cancelled if you are more than 15 minutes late
  • You can delete your own booking before the start of a session
  • Booking screens are updated every 90 seconds as new bookings are added
  • You can "walk up" to a PC and use it without booking it, provided the computer hasn't been booked for someone else
  • You will receive 3 warnings at 10, 5 and 3 minutes before your session ends. The PC will automatically log out at the end of your session
  • You MUST save your work before the session ends. Use your F: drive or a USB because if you don't save your work prior to your session finishing you will lose your work
  • After 1 hour you will get an option to extend your time to make a total booking time of 2 hours for this session, as long as the computer is not booked by another person
  • If you leave your computer unattended for 15 minutes, or you do not press a key during that time, the PC will log you off automatically and you will lose your booking

LRC Opening Hours

Opening Hours


Monday - Thursday:
8.00am -7.00pm

Friday: 8.00 - 6.00pm

Saturday: 10.00am - 2.00pm
Sunday: CLOSED

The LRC will be open from 10am to 2pm on the following Saturdays:
  • August: 10/08; 17/08; 24/08; 31/08
  • September: 7/09; 14/09
  • October: 5/10; 12/10; 19/10; 26/10
  • November: 9/10





mail  e-mail: lrc@angliss.edu.au 

phone  phone: (03) 96062237