Book a PC

To ensure all students have fair access to the computers, the LRC manages students' usage with the MyPC booking system. MyPC is available via the student desktop and the LRC homepage. MyPC is currently available on campus only

Click HERE to book a computer or one of the LRC Group Study Rooms.


VDI and Standalone PCs

The LRC has a mix of Virtual Desktop computers (VDI) and bookable standalone PCs.


The LRC has 89 VDIsA VDI computer delivers desktop virtualization, meaning the desktop operating system (OS), e.g. Microsoft Windows, runs and is managed by IT. The desktop image you see is delivered over the Institute network as though it were running locally on a hard drive.
Almost all VDIs have a white external device attached to them which can be used to plug in headphones or a USB.

Remember to constantly save your work as after 30 minutes of non-activity the computer will shutdown


Standalone PCs

Standalone PCs are located:

  • A bank of 12 PCs is located closest to the periodical display shelves midway down the LRC
  • 4 PCs are on the round table located just behind the orange perspex wall
  • 5 PCs are located around the rear wall of the LRC
  • 1 PC is located in the small media pod

You can walk up and use a standalone PC for two hours or book it ahead of time with the MyPC booking system. VDIs are not connected to MyPC and therefore cannot be booked in advance.

MyPC is available via the student desktop and the LRC homepage.


Click HERE to book a computer


Library Opening Hours

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