The LRC currently subscribes to three major eBook suppliers- EBL,  Knovel and EBSCO


EBL books

knovel books


EBSCO’s eBook Community College Collection 

A multidisciplinary collection of more than 52,000 eBook titles, spanning a range of topics from Art, Cooking and  Education to Health and Fitness, Philosophy and the Social Sciences.

To access collection please use LRC search field (LRC front page).


What are they about?

     EBL eBooks:

The LRC houses over 4000 EBL titles, primarily in the areas of hospitality, tourism, events and food science, all of which can be read online for 10 minutes, or requested for loan


     Knovel  eBooks:

Approximately 280 titles, primarily on food science are available for reading or downloading


Borrowing an eBook

     EBL eBooks:

You can either choose to Read Online or Download a title
With Read Online, you get a free browse time of 10 minutes, after which you will  be prompted to either create a loan or return to the catalogue.
With Downloading a title that the LRC owns, you need to have Adobe Digital Editions installed. This software is installed on all LRC student computers but you will need it on your own PC or with the Bluefire app on your mobile devices
you can then download and read the e-book offline.

With Downloading a title that the LRC does not own, a request for a 1 day and 7 day only loan is generated and will be subject to LRC approval.


     Knovel  eBooks:

You can either choose to Read Online or Download a title that the LRC owns.
With Read a Knovel title online, you need to have Adobe Reader software (installed on all LRC computers) or equivalent pdf viewer to read the title


How long can I borrow it for?

     EBL eBooks:

 7 days (owned eBooks)


      Knovel eBooks:

No limit once downloaded

How many people can borrow it at once?

     EBL eBooks:

No limit


      Knovel eBooks:

No limit

How many ebooks can I borrow at one time?

     EBL eBooks:

No limit


      Knovel eBooks

No limit


Can I download the ebooks to my mobile device?

     EBL eBooks:

Yes. You must sign up for an Adobe ID here.
Then you can read the downloaded files using the recommended
Bluefire Reader app for iOS/Android


     Knovel  eBooks:

Yes, as long as your device has Adobe Reader software

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