The LRC is integral to the teaching, learning and research activities of the Institute. Our aim is to achieve excellence in the provision, promotion and servicing of information services to meet the needs of students and staff.  

The LRC aims to provide quality services to all our staff and students through:

  • Relevant collections, in both physical and digital forms, aligned to our teaching areas
  • Flexible learning spaces that give student choice in how they want to learn

Expanding information literacy and referencing classes to meet the educational needs of our studentsWeb and electronic access to a range of resources and services of LRC staff to meet changing student needs

As such, the LRC will continue as a Learning Commons model but evolve its space, technology and services to provide an integrated learning environment for students and teachers that support teaching, research and learning.

Our focus is on

  • 24/7 access to our online services independent of location
  • Learning support focused services
  • Resources and services strongly supportive of our teaching specialisations                  
  • Access to computers and wireless networks to support study and research
  • Individual, group and quiet study facilities
  • Easy access to electronic information
  • Relevant physical and electronic resources


Our aim

is to provide a facility, resources and services that provide seamless access to information.


Our direction

The LRC will continue to evolve to meet the teaching and learning priorities of the Institute. As such, improved technology, wireless, printing, zoned study spaces and electronic access are all recognized as important to strategic initiatives. The LRC will continue to build on its collection strengths, especially in eBooks and eJournals. Additional services such as Endnote and more extensive databases are indicative of the transition in the LRC to the stronger academic support of Higher Education within the Institute.
A blended model of information resources and services that equally support both our Vocational and Higher Education clients.


       LRC students Handbook


      LRC Collection Development Policy


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Paul Kloppenborg,
Manager, Learning & Information Services
welcomes you
to the Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

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