Library Overdues and Sanctions

There are sanctions applied to overdue items to ensure fair and equitable sharing of limited library resources amongst our users.

What happens when library users have overdue items?

Library users:

  • Cannot borrow books or renew items
  • Cannot place a hold on library items
  • Will have sanctions placed on your account

What are the sanctions and demerit points?

  • Books/Periodicals - 50 demerit points per day
  • DVDs /laptops- 100 demerit points per day
  • Overdue items can accrue demerit points up to 2000, which is when they are considered lost (see below)

Important to know:

  • Once 1000 or more demerit points are accrued, your borrowing privileges will be blocked
  • Items can be returned in the external return chute next to the After-Hours Area entrance
  • Once the overdue items are returned, the points will be removed and borrowing privileges reinstated.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to return borrowed items by the due date.

You can avoid library sanction by:

 Checking your Angliss email for a notification from the LRC advising of the due date/s for items, and/or overdue items.

  • Returning items to the LRC before the due date
  • Keeping your printed loans slip receipt as a reminder
  • Checking your borrowing record via the LRC Catalogue


 If you disagree with the library sanction:

Talk to a staff member at the LRC service desk. We will consider all legitimate concerns about your library sanction;
however we will NOT accept the following reasons:

  • Unwillingness to take responsibility for material loaned to a third party
  • Forgetting the due date
  • Not receiving library reminders sent to your MyAngliss email address
  • Email inbox was full
  • Unable to visit the library often or distance from the library
  • Disagreement with library fine policy
  • Returning items to another library by mistake
  • Not being on campus
  • Semester breaks, summer vacation, or on placement
  • Changed opening hours