Lost or missing items

If the item(s) is considered lost/stolen, a borrower is required to:

  • Inform the library as soon as the borrowed item(s) are believed to be lost/stolen. We may require the borrower to supply supporting documentation, e.g. a copy of the police report, statutory declaration
  • Complete this form to advise the library about your item(s) that cannot be returned.
  • Pay for the following:
    • The replacement cost of the item(s)
    • $12.00 administration fee.


  • In some circumstances, the library will accept a replacement copy. You will need to see the Library Team Leader to arrange this.
  • In some genuine extenuating circumstances, let library staff know, and they will strive to assist in any way possible

You can avoid library sanction by:

Checking your Angliss email for a notification from the Library advising of the due date/s for items, and/or overdue items.

  • Returning items to the Library before the due date
  • Keeping your printed loans slip receipt as a reminder
  • Checking your borrowing record via the Library Catalogue


If you disagree with the library sanction:

Talk to a staff member at the Library service desk. We will consider all legitimate concerns about your library sanction; however we will NOT accept the following reasons:

  • Unwillingness to take responsibility for material loaned to a third party
  • Forgetting the due date
  • Not receiving library reminders sent to your MyAngliss email address
  • Email inbox was full
  • Unable to visit the library often or distance from the library
  • Disagreement with library fine policy
  • Returning items to another library by mistake
  • Not being on campus
  • Semester breaks, summer vacation, or on placement
  • Changed opening hours

Library Opening Hours

Library Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
9.00AM – 5.00PM



7.30am - 9.00am
5.00pm - 9.00pm

7.30am – 7.00pm







mail  e-mail: library@angliss.edu.au 

phone  phone: (03) 96062237