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Staff lending and training room

LRC Training Room:

The LRC training room, located behind the enquiry desk, has 13 PCs and a teacher/trainer projector Standard student software (e.g. Microsoft Office) is loaded onto these computers.


  There is no printing available from the training room.   


The training room is suitable for up to 13 students, plus a teacher/trainer. Preference will be given to LRC staffing sessions for students.
However, the room can be booked for Institute staff at the LRC front desk.

Teacher Reference Videos:

Teacher reference videos are located on a display unit in the front corner of the LRC near the digital sign. Teacher reference material is identified by a TR code in front of the Call Number. Material can be borrowed by teachers for 1 day.


 4 Hitachi projectors are available and each is available for a one day loan. These can be booked for up to one week ahead. Care should be taken with the projectors as the bulbs are
especially fragile and expensive to replace..


3 Lenono ThinkPad laptops are available for a one week loan. Laptops are loaded with Windows 7, Outlook, Office 2010, Lync 2010 & IE10.


Copyright Services

  • Training - Our Copyright Officer is happy to provide specialized training sessions for staff and students, either in groups or on one to one scenarios.
    Our Copyright Officer can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    The Staff Intranet also advertises more formal training sessions for staff and there is also a Copyright Officer within the Staff Intranet that contains numerous training tools.

  • Advice - For any copyright enquiries please contact the Copyright Officer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Staff Intranet also contains videos, links, forms and information sheets to help staff with copyright queries.


Information for Staff

  • Copyright Scale of Preference at William Angliss Institute, (staff intranet login)
  • Copyright Training Package, (staff intranet login)
  • Copyright Notices and Forms, (staff intranet login)
  • William Angliss Institute Database Licences, (staff intranet login)
  • Legal Questions, (staff intranet login)
  • Free Resources, (staff intranet login)
  • FAQs, (staff intranet login)

Information for Students




COVID - 19 

Unfortunately the LRC is operating on reduced staffed hours from the 30th March.

For online assistance,
Please leave a message on our chat service, phone us or email the LRC at: lrc@angliss.edu.au

A guide is available: LRC information for off-campus access and online study

Media Pod reopens 26.05.2020. Maximum 1 person each side.
Study Rooms 1&4 also reopen 26.05.2020. Maximum of 2 people per room.


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