Fuller Collection

Fuller Collection was acquired from Professor John Fuller for celebrating the Institute’s 50th anniversary in 1995. John Fuller was the first professor of Hotel Management at Strathclyde University, Glasgow. At the time he was the only such professor at a British university. Fuller came to Glasgow in 1959 as director of the Scottish Hotel School. William Angliss teaching staff, Graham Dodgshun, has been taught by Professor Fuller in England and it was this link which led to the possibility of obtaining the collection. The collection consists of over 530 books on wine, distilling, brewing, viticulture, and technological aspects of wine production, spirits, and other drinks. Many of the books date back to the 18th and 19th centuries; the oldest published in 1736.


Liquor Acts 1736, London.


Observations, Historical, Critical, and Medical, on the Wines of the Ancients, and the Analogy between them and the Modern Wines, London, 1775.

The author, Sir Edward Barry, was the first person who treated the subject of wines in this country scientifically.



Community and Advertising Cookbooks Collection

The Community Cookbooks are produced by volunteers from organizations such as schools, churches, associations, etc. Normally these cookbooks were for fund-raising purposes, and some others were for publicizing the community, and some were used as a way to display local history and traditions. The books reflect the food habits of the local community and a lot of them contain historical stories and their own drawings which add a lovely character to the books and also give the readers lots of interesting background information along with the delicious local recipes. Special Collections houses over 300 community cookbooks.

The Advertising Cookbooks came in form of recipe booklets produced by food or cookware businesses as bonus items for their customers. The recipes are created around and based on their products were a clever way of promoting their goods. They provided readers inspiration for change of cooking equipment and food brands over the time.



William Angliss Archive Collection

The WAI Archive collection is dedicated to acquiring materials about William Angliss Institute to document and preserve the history of the Institute. The collection currently includes approximately 3600 items including books, pamphlets, brochures, newspaper clippings, manuscripts, videocassettes, photographs, plans, portraits and pictures.








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