William Angliss LRC Donations Policy and Procedure

Williams Angliss Institute (WAI) LRC Special Collections continues to grow through donations and purchases. The LRC Special Collections welcomes inquiries regarding potential donations and will review all prospective donations for inclusion based on:

• Scholarly or historical value to our special collections
• Relationship to existing or emerging special collection strengths
• Potential for culinary research
• The nature of the individual's or organization's relationship to WAI and the community

The areas we are most interested in collecting are:

• Pre 1900 cookbooks, both Australian and English materials
• 1900-1940 Australian cookbooks
• Pre 1900 – 1940 community cookbooks and advertising materials
• Materials related to William Angliss Institute
• Unique and rare ephemeras, e.g. menus, personal recipe cards
• Vintage culinary artefacts

The LRC Special Collections does not accept the following, except under special circumstances:

• Outdated textbooks
• Newspaper and magazines
• Practical "how-to" guides
• Loose journal issue
• Duplicated copy already in our collections

Guidelines for Donors

Donors must sign the Agreement Form and are encouraged to provide the following information of the donation.

• The type of materials (e.g. books, photographs)
• A brief description of each item (in case of books, author, title, publisher and date of publication)
All donations will be reviewed by Special Collections Librarian before acceptance by the LRC. However, Special Collections staff are not authorized or qualified to provide appraisals for books, archival materials, or art objects.
The LRC Special Collections does not accept materials without legal transfer of title, deed of gift or deposit, official receipt or other written acknowledgment. The LRC Special Collections reserves the right to accept or decline materials based on these and other criteria in order to ensure that the interests of the WAI community are being well served.

Pick-up and Delivery

Generally, it is the responsibility of the donor to deliver the donation. Under some circumstances, the Special Collections Librarian may be able to accommodate your transportation requirements.

Where to begin

Please contact Special Collections Librarian Vicky Qin at Vicky.Qin@angliss.edu.au or by phone 9606 2290 before discuss any potential donation. We will answer any questions you may have about the process and can help you determine whether the LRC Special Collections is the best fit for your donation.

Culinary Research Collection

Culinary Research Collection contains historically significant cookery books from around the world, including early Australian rare cookery books. The collection provides rich and extensive culinary resources for research in Australian culinary history, other culinary cultures, extensive recipes for all cuisines worldwide, and recipes for special occasions.

Featured Book



Consult Me For All You Want To Know Melbourne: Robertson, [1866]

A compilation of helpful household tips and tricks written up in alphabetical order. As well as recipes for cooking, brewing, baking. It also includes information on spotting the symptoms of certain diseases and remedies of the time, how to dye cloth into 'modern style and the newest colours' of the time and information on the laws of a 'married woman's property'. There is a beautiful colour lithograph frontispiece shows activities of household in the past.



Menu Collection

The collection is made up of over 2000 menus from all over the world with a large part being Australian in origin. It contains menus from a variety of sources including cruise, club, restaurants, bars, and hotels from the early 1900s to the present. The collection functions as a wonderful resource which displays the changes of styles in food and menu design over the last 100 years. The cruise menus in our collection are particularly evocative of a mode of travel and the pace of life of an earlier era.

View Menus Online





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