LRC Overdues and fines

Overdues and fines are imposed by the LRC to ensure the fair and equitable sharing of limited resources amongst our clients.

When you have overdue items, you cannot borrow books, renew your items or place a hold.

Fines accrue for overdue items at the rate of 50 cents per day for books and $1.00 per day for DVDs.

Fines are not charged for weekends and public holidays.

When you have accrued more than $10.00 or more in fines, your borrowing record is blocked as well as access to IT systems.

Once fines reach $10, the items must be returned and the fine paid as well.

Fines can accrue up to $20 per item, at which stage the item is deemed lost and you will be charged both the fines, a processing fee of $12.00 and the
cost of the item(s).

Fines must be paid via monied value added to your Student card. Monied value can be added in cash at cash machine in the LRC
during opening hours.

Overdue notices are e-mailed  to your myangliss.edu.au account:

  • You will receive a "Courtesy notice" e-mail 2 days before items you have on loan from the library will become overdue. The e-mail will advise you to contact the LRC and re-new your items to avoid overdue fees.
  • You will receive a "First notice" e-mail after the items you have on-loan become overdue.
  • You will receive a "Long time overdue" e-mail when the overdue fees have reached $10.00 and more.

All notices include email, phone number and LRC URL to contact the Library if you have any questions to ask. Please check with library staff for total before payment. Upon payment your borrowing and student network privileges (this includes My WAI access) can be reinstated, and transcripts of results can be released.

Please note: We do not send our notices by post, due to William Angliss Institute's commitment to sustainability and the LRC's aim to reduce its own environmental impact.

Items returned in the afterhours return chute outside of the LRC will not be taken off your record until the next working day.


Lost or missing items

When you borrow material from the LRC you are responsible for its timely return.

If library material is lost or stolen whilst issued to you, you are liable for the replacement cost of the item(s) PLUS an administration fee of $12.00 PLUS any outstanding fines.

Please complete this form to advise the LRC about items on your record, which you are unable to return. It is in your best interests to advise LRC staff as soon as you become aware that your item(s) may be lost. For lost or stolen items, we may require you to supply supporting documentation, e.g. a copy of a police report, etc.

In some circumstances a replacement copy will be accepted. You will need to speak to the LRC Team Leader to discuss whether this is possible.

If there are genuine extenuating circumstances, let LRC staff know and they will try to help in any way possible.


Borrow from other libraries - CAVAL

William Angliss Institute staff and students are eligible to borrow material from another academic library as part of the CAVAL reciprocal borrowing program.

To do so:

1. Take your current William Angliss student or staff card to the library from which you want to borrow.

2. Obtain a CAVAL card from your chosen library (host library).


3. Once you have signed the CAVAL card you may start borrowing.

Where can I borrow from?

You may borrow from any participating Victorian university or TAFE library. Click here to see a current list of participating members

How long can I be a member of CAVAL?

The membership expiry date is 28th February, regardless of when you join throughout the year. Membership can be renewed at the discretion of the host library. 

Note: that while registration of CAVAL is free, if you incur fines and are suspended by the host library those fines and any penalties will also apply at William Angliss library.

Returning items, overdues and fines

You must return items to the library you borrowed them from. The host library has lending policies, including fines, that you are obliged to comply with as a joining member.

For further information about CAVAL, click here



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